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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is exactly Carrentcenter.info ?
Carrentcenter.info is web Portal for you to gain information about renting vehicles
around the world. As Carrentcenter.info put together major Car Rental comapanies in
the site.

What is the minimum Age to Rent a Car?
The minimum age on Most major car rental companies require renters to be a minimum of 25 years of age. Some car rental companies do allow renters at the minimum age of 18 and 21. Before making Reservation please read carfully on policy.

Do I need a foreign drivers license?
Most of major companies require international driving license, but not all companies
You either can use your national license depent on country you using vehicles. Some
require you to have a license from the country in which you are driving

Additional Taxx or special Tax out side US?
Yes! in some of Countries mandatory taxes that are only applied. Check with your
car rental company everytime you do reservation.

Do Car rental companies accept cash or Credit or debit Cards?

Most of Major car rental companies accept credit card, debit card and cash payment.
Not every Companies accept cash pament as They need to know your credit before
initiate contract. Check everytime before you make reservation.

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