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  LDW or CDW
Most of Car Rental companies offer CDW ( Collision Damage Waiver) or LDW( Loss
Damage Waiver).As LDW and CDW provides comprehensive coverage to the Renter for
own vehicle damage or as well as libility protection againts the third party vehicle damage
injury or death and property damage. Libility for injury or death of bodily of any third person
including passenger caused by an accident which is covered depend on companies.

All major companies offers LDW or CDW at a daily cost depent on company. The limits
the Renter responsibility to maximum amount (depend on companies) in the event of
the none recoverable from third party.

LDW or CDW can be declined by renter or not depend on rule or policis of Car Rentals

Personal Insurances, Extra Insurance
Most of companies offers some extra personal insurance as an option to protection plan
which can be purchase by renters.The benefit could be in any way such as Hospitalization
and Ambulance expenses, Peronal effect, or death Benefits.

Other extra insurances such as extra protection or none excess.
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